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You Don’t Know Emo: 2004 – October 25, 2010

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When I was 14, I gained a love of Emo. No, not that Emo. Real, true, bleeding heart, bloodier throat, Emo. Emotional Hardcore. So pure was my hatred of the mis-categorization of bands like Fall Out Boy that I built a website on the premise of educating the masses, in my own way.

It sucked.

A few years later, I decided to re-do the thing, this time it would cease to be a wretched attack on the opposition, and would be more informative, and I’d curse less.

Not only did it still suck, but it failed.

Today, I’m an “indie kid,” and I’d lost my love for the genre I fought so hard for. Now, however, I’ve decided that the third time’s a charm, and that it’s time to re-immerse myself, and do my damnedest to stay fair, balanced, entertaining, and educational, without sapping the life out of a bunch of screaming sweaty guys you’ve never heard of.

For those who still care about the scene, who want to know about the scene, or are just curious about what my original pastime was, head on over to, and have a look.

Thank you,

Holly Dee


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